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About Us

Safety Link is based in Bruderheim, Alberta and servicing Western Canada and our primary objective is to deliver exceptional safety services, PPE and consumables to our clients through innovative and cost-effective methods. We offer options to cater to the diverse needs of each business. Our core services include providing affordable solutions, developing customized safety programs, ensuring compliance with federal and provincial regulations, supplying competent project-specific support staff, creating and enforcing tailored safety policies, alleviating management burdens related to safety protocols, safeguarding both your company and employees, and reducing administrative expenses.

What We Do

At Safety Link, we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of professionalism. Our dedicated team is committed to raising the standards in safety systems to safeguard your most valuable assets – your people. Rest assured, our decisive, confident, and energetic team is here to cater to all your project needs, ensuring the health and safety of your workforce. Trust Safety Link to be your dependable partner.

We offer the expertise of qualified professionals who can seamlessly integrate into your team. In addition to program development, monitoring, and continuous improvement, we also supply essential project requirements like Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), gas detection system rentals, fall protection system rentals and much more. Let us support your operations with our comprehensive solutions.

Onsite Support

Our dedicated team of experienced safety professionals is here to offer on-site services for all your project needs. We handle everything from the hiring and training to the ongoing management of safety personnel, giving you the peace of mind to concentrate on running your business efficiently.

Program Development

Our support system ensures your business is in capable hands. Compliance monitoring, auditing and implementation to ensure the onsite program is executed effectively. Our experience and strategy are designed to keep your operations safe, compliant, and cost-effective.

Rentals & Services

The benefits of renting equipment from Safety Link are significant. Why invest a large sum into equipment that will only be utilized infrequently? We aim to simplify your needs by providing rental options. Our system involves storing the products and dispatching them to you as necessary, whether for a brief duration, a week, a month, or an extended timeframe. This approach enables you to save funds, eradicate service expenses, and eliminate storage charges.

  • Gas detection systems - Calibration
  • Fall protection/restraint systems. – Recertifications
  • Confined space retrieval systems
  • PPE & Consumables

    Is there anything more crucial than ensuring that your workers return home safely after completing work each day? At Safety Link, we firmly believe there isn't. This conviction drives us to offer tailored personal protective equipment (PPE) solutions for all tasks. We are committed to fostering innovation to enhance the comfort and productivity of workers. By scouring the globe for top-notch PPE products, we uphold our pledge to prioritize the safety of those we serve. That's the pledge we stand by every day.

    We prioritize the convenience of having a comprehensive range of consumables readily available. Our dedicated focus lies in providing an extensive selection of essential supplies required for diverse projects. We aim to equip you with all the tools crucial for maintaining a schedule and budget. Our seasoned team, consisting of proficient experts, stands prepared to guide you in selecting the ideal products tailored to your individual requirements.

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